A Wonderful Gift


Thought I’d put in another excerpt from Melody Beattie’s meditation book.  This one is about appreciating ourselves.

“It is time to stop the nonsense of running around picking on ourselves.  We have walked through much of our life apologizing for ourselves either directly or indirectly, feeling less valuable than others., believing that they know better than we do, and believing that somehow others are meant to be here and we are not.

We have a right to be here
We have a right to be ourselves
We are here.  There is a purpose, a reason an intention for our life.  We do not have to apologize for being here or being who we are.  Others do not have OUR magic.  We have our own magic.  It is in us.
It doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our past.  We all have a past, woven with mistakes, successes and learning experiences.  We have a right to our past.  It is OURS.  It has worked to shape and form us.  As we progress on this journey, we shall see how each of our experiences will be turned around and used for good.
We have already spent too much time in being ashamed, being apologetic and doubting the beauty of ourselves.  Be done with it.  Let it go. It is an unnecessary burden.  Others have rights, but so do we.  We are neither less than nor more than.  We are equal.  We are who we are. That is who we created and intended to be.
That, my friend, is a wonderful gift.”  – Melody Beattie

I sure wish I could write like that.  Although I have not and never have been in any sort of recovery/co-dependency, her writing touches my heart.  Picking this book up by mistake was, in fact, not a mistake in the long run.  It reminds me of how we are all the same in many ways.  We all want to be accepted and loved, don’t we?  We all just want our lives and the people in them to be good… I won’t say “perfect”… but “good” is good enough.

I’ll be back with some art very soon.  Work/life has been busy and consuming.. but stay tuned and come back.



About Judy Shea

Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mixed Media/Polymer Clay Artist. I do have a full-time job (not as an artist). My art includes, textural collage works on canvas, cardboard, wood or other substrates using paints, molding pastes, inks, fabric, a variety of found objects and handmade polymer clay pieces. Life/Work balance is what I strive for.

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  1. Awesome!!!! What a great exerpt. How poignant. So many of us need to be reminded of this.
    Thanks, Judy, for posting this. It’s definitely going into my journal.

  2. Judy, thanks for sharing. You are a good writer too and the fact that you shared this makes you her equal. xoxo

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when a “mistake” turns out to be exactly what we needed at the time? The universe is a marvelous guide. Thanks so much for sharing these words, Judy, during a week when I really needed to hear them. Her writing speaks to me, too. Fabulous post!

  4. This is so true! We are so often defined by what we do, or the other people in our lives, or where we live, that we tend to forget about who we are inside, and that we have worth and value in our own right. We do not need to define our success by the same standards as others. Our lives are not only lived externally, but, more importantly, internally, and this is what gives us our character, beauty, wisdom and understanding.
    I’d not come across this passage before, so thank you for posting it.

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