Winter What-a-Land – Massachusetts Blizzard 1/12/11


Well,  I’m sure you’ve heard of our winter blizzard hitting the New England area today.

As we are snow bound in our country home and lucky for me, I work at home full-time in my office (well, not sure how lucky that is).. so no snow days for me anymore.. those days have been long gone.

Here are some beautiful shots at the peak and toward the end of the storm today.

Total inches of snow – about 20″.

Click any picture for a closer look.

Below is our back deck looking out from the kitchen…

Below is the view from my office window.. I watched that pile up all day… cool.

Oh, look who stopped by.  Caught this picture at the exact time the wind blew the birds hair up like a spike.  Funny.   I’ve been waiting for a male cardinal to come by, but not today.

If you are experiencing the same today,  be safe and warm, my friends.  If you have some pictures, send them along or link us to your blog.

I’ve joined the Artchix Studio challenge this week called A Snowy Art Challenge.  I hope they enjoy my snowy pictures..  stop by their site and take a look at their beautiful offerings.

How many more weeks until summer?

Thanks for stopping by to take a look.



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  1. Your yard looks like our yard. I love how the snow changes the landscape. Had to laugh when I saw that my Buddha statue has been completely consumed by the snow. All you can see is the very tip of his head.

  2. Hi Judy,
    I hopped over here from Julie Prichard’s ning site – we are both members. Just signed up for their new class that begins tomorrow (Fri. 1/28). I also see that we both live in New England, I am in southwestern New Hampshire and live in the country as well. Your yard looks pretty much like mine lol – did I say yard? hmmm, I know there is one out there somewhere! Love the blue bird picture – they are such characters 😀
    Anyway, hope you drop by my blog sometime to say Hi…
    Hugs and stay warm,
    Beth P

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