Paper Towel Journal


Remember my last post about the paper towel painted backgrounds?  Well, I decided that I liked them so much, I was going to make something out of them or at least one.

Now mind you, I am not a journal maker or a sewing, so I combined two things I am not good at and here’s what I came up with.

Go ahead and click to see details and close ups.

Lots of trial and error here, my friends…  First off.. paper towels still rip.. Even if they are the “quicker picker upper”… they rip.  I still had fun, cuz it was just plain cool.

So, basically.. took the paper towel and sewed some lace trim around the edges and backed it with another piece of cotton.  I used metallic gold and turquoise thread.. and some beige for some of the inside cover.  I then sewed all around the front with gold swirls.. not as easy as I thought.   Then sewed another piece of fabric for the inside covers to putt batting in.. so it would be a puffy journal…   Sewed 3 sides, slid in the batting and sewed up the fourth side.  I took 4 pieces of watercolor paper and sized them smaller than the book size, which is about 5″ x 6”, closed.  I bound the pages with wax linen thread… put fabric beads I made with some other acrylic beads to dangle on the tail.  Sewed a polymer button I made to the front, highlighted with gold wax.  Made a loop-di-loop string to wrap it from the the back.  Does all that make sense?  Did I mention that paper towels rip?

Badda Bing.. Badda Boom.. there you have it!!  Quick and dirty paper towel journal..  Ok, it wasn’t quick it took me a few hours.. and my back.. oh my back..hanging over the sewing machine… glasses on.. glasses off.. change threads, change bobbins.. dog wants to pee.. string in my hair.. now I gotta pee.  Fuhgedaboudit!!

My thoughts:  I will definitley give this another try.  I wouldn’t use a paper towel again, but there are other non-fabric materials to use.. I think of Tyvek envelope paper for my first thought.  Of course leather is just..well, perfect.

I’m sure the front of this journal will not hold up if I abuse it, but it’s only for play… I think I will try to seal it with gel medium to make it stronger.

I’ve been playing with some used coffee filters.  Oh messy and vintagy.. love it.  I’ll be showing those soon.

I also finished my textured canvas piece that I showed  in the same blog post I linked above; that’s also coming up.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. My my Judy, you are an alchemist for sure. Even transforming ordinary paper towels into something special. Ooo leather would be quite nice and durable.

    I really like journals, so I can’t wait to see what you can come up with next.

  2. Well, aren’t you the clever mixed-up media artist!! (no, wait….. that doesn’t sound like what I wanted to say………………. LOLOL). I like your PaperTowel Journal. Tyvek would definitely be stronger, and it’s so fun to work with. I love the way it curls up when it’s heated! So unpredictable.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family…. and hope to see you more often in 2011.


  3. A paper towel journal?!! All I can say is…..WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Amazing mixed media queen hits another home run outa the pahk!

    Beautiful work, Judy dear. Your posts always make me smile. 😀

    Love ya, Karen

  4. Hey Judy, this is an awesome journal. Good for you to try a new material and push the boundaries just to see what would happen. I love the outcome. Maybe you’ve got a new trend here: Puffy Paper Journals. Love the colors too!

  5. If you coat the front and the back (letting one side dry completely before you coat the other side) with gel medium, it should build up a thick enough layer that it won’t rip! The more layers of medium, the better! Just make sure you let it dry completely!

    😀 COOL project!

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