Final Mixed Media Citra Collage


Well, here I am again to show you my final mixed media canvas, as a continuation of my blog post last week.

I’m tellin ya.. I had a dog of a time with finishing this piece.   Don’t ask me why.. just slap on an image and call it day, right?  Wrong!

My first problem was I tried to work on it at night.. no daylight, after my full-time job, dinner, dishes… What am I crazy?  Don’t answer that.   But.. no pain, no art.  Is that what they say…  pain, gain.. tomayto, tomahto.. you with me?

I decided to choose an image of a queen.  Now, the quest to find a copyright free image.  Thank goodness for Karen’s Whimsy.  A great site for images, free to use as you wish.  I found my queen..c’mon your majesty…let’s get transferred.

So, to bottom line this frustrated artist’s story… I transferred the queen image 3 times.  Let me tell you.. it was ugly, people.  The two before the successful one were done on cheap printer paper.  Rubbin off the backing paper after the medium dried?  It came out, but not as clear as I would have liked it.  Not my favorite way to transfer.  I never seem to get all the paper off… and just throwing on a coat of gel medium doesn’t make it much better.   I ended up ripping out the two layers of medium; again, ugly and frustrating.   My third try was done with an inkjet transparency.  I don’t know why I just don’t do it this way.  It’s practically perfect every time.  Note to self:  “Judy, use transparencies”.

Ok, here is the undone canvas I left you with last week:

.. and here is the final that I just finished today.

As you can see, I’ve added quite a few more enhancements:  I took another piece of my citra solv magazine paper (tutorial in last week’s blog post) and transferred the queen on it (using inkjet transparency and Golden Gel Medium, Semi-Gloss).  I also transferred some roses on my music paper and also under my polymer clay face.  I rubber stamped in a few places with titan buff acrylic paint.  Also added some foil melts.. fun.

Here are two details pictures:

There you have it.. citra collage papers used on a mixed media canvas.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and the final result.  I did enjoy creating this piece.. bloopers and all.  Lessons learned.. I love that.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Beautiful artwork, Judy! You’ll have to teach me that transparency transfer technique… *hint,,,* 🙂

  2. It came out fabulous, Judy! I love the addition of the queen and the royally inspired elements. It really lent the piece a theme and focal point. As I went back and forth between the before and after pics, I thought the after came out just perfect.
    Luv ya, Karen

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