Art Submission – Busting Your Boundaries


Hey Blogger Friends…

The New England weather has finally changed from hot and humid to crisp nights.  I’m just loving this.

The magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, is having an art challenge for Artisan of the year.  I am biting the bullet and have submitted 3 pieces of my mixed media collages.  I’m really proud of them and whether I am selected or not.. It felt good to bust my boundaries by entering.

Here is what I’ve submitted, one picture in full, then two details of each piece:

Remember the sneak peek I posted, well, here is the final; I call this the Collage Garden.  The bottom half is created with my Dryer Sheet Collage Art Cloth.  This was fun and to think that the tic tac toe board underneath was being thrown away.


This is called “With Love”


Lastly, this one is called “The Key to my HEART”…


Well, there you have it..  you can go HERE and read the details of each piece.. I think you just have to create a username to see all the entries.  Look for mine.  Lots of BEAUTIFUL art I’m up against.  Good luck to everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.


Next up… Collaboration with a Crow

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  1. Those pieces are GORGEOUS!!! And the pix don’t do them justice. The way the light bounces off of the glittering art paper is mesmerizing! Great job, Judy. You’re already a winner.

  2. WOOOOOHOOOOO YOu did it…I’m so proud of you for submitting your work to the Challenge/Artist of the Year over at CPS. Your work is absolutely wonderful, breathtaking and sparks my imagination. Good Luck my friend…not that you need it. I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! We are still working on those damn Windows. arrrrghhh LOL Have a wonderful and creative week my friend.

  3. Judy, I am SO proud of you for submitting your amazing pieces of art! Raine said it – you’re already a winner. Much luck to you, dear friend!

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