Kelly, Journals and Fun.. oh my


Hey Blogsters..

Well, let me tell you about my workshop last weekend with Kelly Kilmer.

First, if you ever get a chance to take a class with the Kell-ster, you have to. A fabulous artist and person. Makes you want to pull up a couple of comfy chairs, grab your favorite liquid consumption and snack (why do I always have to include food?)  and chat all night long.

The weekend was held at a private studio… AND.. thank you Susan, for hosting us.

Being my first class with Kelly, I was a bit nervous to learn how to make/bind a book, but I  felt immediately at ease with her and following her instructions was a breeze.

Ok.. let me stop the chit chatting and get to some pictures, since you’re all so impatient.. geesh.

.. and here she is our fearless leader…. and I do mean fearless.. hey she’s from LA, what do you expect…. just kidding, Kelly.  She is originally from the Bawstin area.

Let’s get to the journal pictures…

This would be my front cover… and my few pages below, top.

and another couple of my pages…

Ok.. screeeeech…let me stop for a second.. and show you the decorative tape that Kelly brings with her for her students…

.. and I have a feeling this isn’t all of it…  My name is Kelly Kilmer and I have a Tape Addiction.  Now, this is the kind of addiction I want to have.. where do I sign up?

Moving on to MORE delicious art…

So, there you go.. a fabulous weekend with Kelly Kilmer.  A great experience for me.  I definiely made some new friends that I will keep in touch with.

And here we are all journaled and focal pointed out.

(I hope I was able to capture a page or two from everyone’s journal; if I missed anyone, I apologize).

Fun, fun, fun… I need a nap.

Thanks again Kelly.. please don’t be sad to see us go.. we feel the same way.


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  1. Holy Cow Judy, you did all of that in one workshop. Now that is WORKSHOP I want to do. The tape, oh my…I see why Kelly is addicted to it. Did you snag some? LOL Your pages look great and just think of all of the paint and mess you can make on them…WOOOOHOOOO Looking good girl. Now, did you guys actually make the journal too? YOU MUST SHOW ME. YOU ARE COMING TO STAY WITH ME AND WE ARE GOING TO HAVE LITTLE ART PARTIES…I’ll bring the FOOD and BOOZE! heeeheeheeee Just think what we can do in a few days. KEEP IT ROCKING GIRL…and I’ll ROLL WITH YOU! LOL
    LOve ya

  2. Hey Judy, it looks like you had a fantabulous time with Kelly! Such colorful, compelling, draw you in images. Gorgeous! Glad to hear that you had such a great art experience!
    Luv ya,

  3. Hi Judy. I’m so glad to have met you at Kelly’s workshop…had a great time! You did an awesome job taking pictures of everyones’ gorgeous pages. Keep in touch.

  4. Hi Judy,
    That was sooo much fun. The bread you made was tasty. It was great to have met you. Thanks for the pics. Now I can show friends what I did for 2 days in Kelly’s” fantabulous fun” class. If it wasn’t for Kelly telling us to choose our focal point for each page I would still be mesmorized by that counter full of TAPE. I love tape…

  5. Hi Judy, What a great workshop with Kelly. I enjoyed meeting all the terrific people there, and what a thrill to see everyones work. Thanks for the pictures and the awesome post. Hope to see you next year!

  6. Looks like an absolute blast. Kelly is terrifically inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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