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Hey Bloggeritas and happy Friday…

Can is be true.. it’s the end of July?  Uncrazable!  It’s been a hot month here in Massachusetts.  I’ll never complain about the winter again.. promise, honey.

I’m working on a submission to a magazine and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my art piece.  It’s a mixed media piece on an old tic tac toe board I found at the recycle shack at our local transfer station.  I used a lot of my recycled dryer sheet art cloth, polymer clay, gold touches (um, lots of it)  and textures.

The little fabric house is about 4″ tall x 3″ wide.   I sewed (yes, me, sewed) the house myself.. man I was proud.  It opens up to a pocket that will hold a heart.  All together.. “awwwwwwww”.  The entire board is about 10″ square.

Now, I am not done with this piece.. I have a little more to do.   I’m kinda stuck right now.. so I’m letting it sit a while and put it in a place in the house so when I walk by,  something will hit me, well, I hope not literally.

.. and more…..

I’ve did another dryer sheet art cloth; playing around with acrylics and rubber stamping only.   First, is front view…

Then I flipped it around.. pretty cool.  I just love the drippings.  I could never make another one look like this.  That’s what I love, each one you make is unique and your own.

A free weekend approaches.. don’t you just love no commitment weekends?  I’ll be in the studio playing and I’ll be sure to share more artsy fartsy stuff with you.

Thanks for stopping by.


Next up….. Published!

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  1. This looks even more amazing in person. Yup…I’m one of the privileged few who actually got to see it up close and personal. Of course I bribed Judy with a Dilly Bar! Mmmmm Art and chocolate covered ice cream. Does life get any better than this? I think not!!!
    Great job, Judy!

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  3. Girl, what can you not do? I love these dryer sheets…so full of wonderful textures and COLOR! That little house is to die for. I love the colors you used. Good Luck on your submission piece. I’m sure they are going to love it! Have a wonderful and creative weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather! It’s been so freaking hot here in PA, but it seems like the humdity has lifted and we can breath now! LOL
    Love ya

  4. Judy, I felt honored to hold and awe over your incredible piece in person. It is truly a wonderful work of art and I know they will love it when you submit it!

  5. thank you for the ‘sneak peek’ and I love your name for used dryer sheets-‘art cloth’-how artistically technical of you…lol…you always ‘send me’

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