Workshop Success!


Hey Blogereetas…

Well, my class was a success.  I guess I would measure success on that it was relaxing, my students/artists were so talented, social, humorous and down right fun.  Thanks, Kristen, Raine and Susan for making it easy for me.

The class was scheduled for 3 hours, but we could have gone 4.   The books just came to life with each step they completed.   We could have used about 30 more minutes, as 2 did not finish their books.  They promised to finish at home and send me pictures.  I’ll be expecting them, ladies.  Don’t make me come over there.  I’ll post them as soon as they do.

Here are some shots of the day and their work.

First, introducing our Hostess at the Scrapbook Cupboard, Bev.  Thank you so much for being wonderful and bringing me in to teach.

If you’re in the area, please stop by to visit and/or take one of their great classes.

Here’s my class, aren’t they cute?

Artist’s work in progress.  I wasn’t able to shoot more pictures than this, but this will give you the flavor of the class.

What fun!!!.. and Bev made us eat chocolate.

I’ll be back at Scrapbook Cupboard in September to teach my Buttons, Embellishments & More Workshop.

Thanks for stopping by.


Next up…. Dryer Sheet Collage Paper


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  1. Being one of the students, I can attest to the fact that a great time was had by all! Today I finished my piece and am very happy with it.
    Thanks Judy!!!!

  2. Judy, I’m so glad to hear that your class was a success. Congratulations on teaching your very first class! I was thinking of you last Saturday and sending good thoughts. 😀

  3. Judy – I LOVED your class! I am anxiously awaiting the next one!


  4. Judy, this simply looks like a fabulous workshop and so much fun. Absolutely wonderful and inspirational. Thanks for always sharing with us and teaching us the way. Still wish I lived closer to you…but then again, there is always the online workshop avenue! heeheehee…Love ya and have a great and creative weekend my friend.

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