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I’ve never done a book review before, but I felt something about this one… It’s their first book and they would appreciate the press on it.  After all, isn’t that what the blogging community is about… sharing cool work with others,  giving each other high 5’s and saying “you gotta see this”?  Gotta pay it forward.

This new book is by two amazing journal junkies.   Meet Eric Scott and David Modler.  Yes, men.. Both artist-educators.   I guess there are not many men that journal; at least I haven’t come across any.  Well, they are …and are damn good at it (can I say “damn”?).  I’m not a professional book reviewer, here,  so it will be a short one.

“The Journal Junkies Workshop” is almost a journal in itself.   This book is partly dedicated to the memory of Dan Eldon.   Dan was an extraordinary person and kept journals all through his childhood, teens  and until he died, tragically.  His family continues his journey.  To be inspired and learn about Dan, visit his foundation website here and here.  His story is amazing, inspiring and really grabbed me.

There’s lots of energy going on in this book.  They got materials, prompts, how to keep a visual journal, techniques and great ways to jump start.. it’s jammed packed.  Go ahead a take a look at some of the pages here.  I found myself reading this book, putting it down.. picking it up… putting it down…. and I’m only putting it down because I had to do something else.  Like I said before, this book is like a journal with rich colors and their own pages throughout the book.  I like their writing style.   Here is quote from the book:

“Prepare to be bombarded with ideas, techniques and suggestions as you allow your creativity to take hold.  The Journal Fodder Junkies are on a mission, ready to arm you with all that you need to explore artistic ways of recording your life and thoughts.  Part sketchbook, part diary, part notebook, part dream journal, part daily planner, part to-do list and part doodle pad, the art journal is different things to different people.  Whatever it is for you, the Journal Junkies Workshop contains all the covert inspiration and know-how you’ll need to get started.  Uncover your own path, your own voice, your own style.”

Their website is here…. and learn all about Eric and Dave.
You can read more about the Journal Fodder Junkies on the blog that Eric created

My work is done here.. good luck with the book guys.

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  1. Funny you should review this book today. I just bought it this past weekend! It’s a wonderful book and the only art journaling book I’ve found that has really spoken to me in language I can understand and trust enough to venture out and try making some pages. I’m glad to see you revewiing the book as it terrific.

  2. Great review, Judy! Your words inspire me to go grab a copy and curl up with it on a lazy summer afternoon, frosty glass of iced tea by my side. I just love anything about journaling and these guys sound like they know their stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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