Join the “Jane Train”


Of course, I’m speaking of Jane Davies (collage artist, designer, writer, and teacher)……

Hey Blogsters..

Since I am still working on my next tutorial, as I promised, I am interrupting my blog to announce Jane’s workshops coming to Massachusetts.

I met Jane at a recent workshop I took from her.  We’ve been keeping in touch and I told her I would mention her upcoming classes.  If you are local to any of the workshop locations, don’t miss out.

Jane has published 3 books and one is on the way.  You can check them all out HERE. I have two of them and they are just great.

Take a look at Jane’s teaching schedule HERE.

You can visit her blog HERE.

Won’t you jump on the “Jane Train”, sign up and have some fun?

It’s Spring….. after all.


Thanks for stopping by.

Next up…. Honestly, it’s coming.. the Polymer Clay ATC tutorial.


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  1. Fantastic Judy! I wish I lived closer! LOL I’m heading over to check Jane’s Books. Thanks for Sharing and looking forward to your tutorial! Have a great and creative week!

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