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We are enjoying the 50’s here this weekend.  How nice to have the sun shining down on me when I was out for my walk this morning.  It may be a tease for now, but we’ll take it.  As they say in New England.. “if you don’t like the weather… wait a minute”.

About 5 years ago I started making mixed media customized wooden art letters for family and friends.   The look on their faces when they open the gift and see their own personal initial that has been decorated with them in mind, is the most satisfying feeling you can imagine.

Here are some letters I’ve made over the years; they are proudly hung in each of their homes.

This is just a few of them.  They are all made with each individual in mind.  All (except one) here was made for my adult nieces and nephews.  I’ve put some found objects that mean a lot to each of them.   For example… a key from my father’s basement from years ago.. or a my mother’s old jewelry.  They’ll now have a piece of their grandparents with them forever.

Most of them have copper tape running around the outside edge.  Take a closer look and you can see the details of the decorative paper,  found objects,  stamping, embossing, old and new jewelry and, of course, polymer clay.

If you need a creative gift for someone, consider making a Love Letter.. it will go a long way and anything made from the heart will never be forgotten.

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Next up…. Painting Pottery

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