Happy Birthday Mom!


Hey Blogsters!

This post is dedicated to my mom who will be 84 this week.  To all she touches, she is our mother, grandmother, sister, neighbor, chef (still cooking for her family) and friend.  One of the wisest woman you’ll ever meet.

How can I begin to tell you what my life has been like with such a wonderful woman, like my mom, guiding me all these years. Being the youngest of 5 siblings (4 girls, 1 boy), I may have been a bit more free wild growing up in the 60’s and in my teens in the 70’s.

My mom, Georgette, came to America, from the Middle East, with no education at all and not knowing one word of English and 14 years younger than my dad.  She was a stranger in a strange land.  My dad always related their life to the song sung by Tony Bennett, “Stranger in Paradise”.. and it was.  That song can be emotional for me; especially since my dad has passed (10 years ago).

You see, my dad (Fred) came to America, also from the Middle East, when he was 11 years old. He went back to Syria at the age of 32 to choose (yes, choose) a wife going door to door (yes,  “door to door”) over a ten month period of time visiting many families with single daughters.  I remember him telling me that if he wasn’t interested in the women, he would jingle his car keys to give the signal to his friend, who accompanied him, that is was time to leave.   At the end of his search, he chose my mom.  They married in Syria, then mom left her mother and siblings behind to find a better life.

If you’d like to see the handmade journal I did about my dad’s life journey, click here.

Dad brought her back to the USA to live with him and his family (his 6 siblings… I know).   She inherited 2 brothers in law and 4 sisters in law.  With no English to be spoken, she was a stranger indeed.

After 15 years and having 5 children of her own, we moved to a home of our own.  I was 2.     Even in our own home, mom was the go to person.  She did all the holiday parties at our house, did all the cooking.. gosh, I don’ t how she really did it, feeding a family of 7 every night..  I can’t hardly keep up with 4.

As my mom reaches yet another birthday year, we are truly blessed to have this strong woman still in our lives.  She always tells me how proud she is of all 5 of the kids, but we are more proud of her.

Thanks, Mom and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

All My Love,

Judy (aka #5)


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  1. I love it!!! Well put Auntie Judy….we are so blessed to celebrate another birthday with her. She is the best!!

    Love you and miss you!

  2. Judy,
    A beautiful way of showing your talent and especially celebrating Mom’s birthday. I still am amazed on how she does it all. She is a blessing to all who know her. She has a special place in our hearts.

  3. So beautifully written. I have tears in my eyes.
    How wonderful that she knows how much she is loved and appreciated by all of us. Thank you Judy.

  4. Great work AJ!!!! This is very nice! We are indeed blessed to have her in our lives!

    Give my love to everyone!


  5. Beautiful commentary and acknowledgement for your Mom, and someone that is very dear to me. She has been the example for all mothers to follow, she continues to share her endless love with everyone in the family. She truly loves us ALL.

    Very nicely done Judy… Proud to be part of such a loving family, Rick

  6. Judy, so proud of you a beautiful tribute to Mom. Brought me to tears – you have to show Mom. Missed you last night…. Love Linda

  7. It’s so great to hear from all of you. I was hoping I would get replies so I can read them to her.
    Love you all and I’m glad you like the dedication. She is worth it all.

  8. Jude,

    Sito is a great woman and embodies all the love and sharing that exists in your family, as evidenced by the hard work and dedication you put into honoring her. The rest of us are just very lucky to know and love both of you.


  9. Oh Judy, what a lovely, lovely post. It’s so clear that she has guided and inspired you to be the wonderful person that you are, my friend.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

  10. Hey Judy,
    I just hope that my daughter feels the same about me as you do about your Mom. You are such a beautiful, creative person and I’m so lucky to have you as my friend. How amazing you are to be able to express yourself in so many ways!
    I’m wiping the tears away and trying not to sob after reading this….Love, Julie T.

  11. Judy,

    Nicely done. I enjoyed the history lesson.

    Happy Birthday Sito! We all love you!


  12. Well done Jude…..Thank you!!

    Happy Birthday Mom!!

    There’s no other mother in the world like you. No one expresses the love and caring for their family the way you do each and every day.
    We are all so blessed to have you as our Mom and Sito……………………Love, Joey

  13. This is beautiful Mom. I am so happy and blessed to have Sito around during this time of my life. Everything she stands for in this family is so loving and inspirational, and I am so grateful for everything she continues to do for us.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SITO! I love you.

    xoxo Megan xoxo

  14. AJ, you are so sweet!! What an awesome way to use your gifts to honor the people you love most! Can’t think of anyone more deserving of her own Blog Post than Sito!!!

    Happy Birthday, Sito! My life has been influenced greatly by your love, your cooking, your kindness, your prayers, and all your great stories!! Your laugh is contagious; there are countless stories that I love to tell over and over about our visits to see you! Thanks for ALL you have done for me and my family!! You’re the best!

    “I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3

  15. A belated happy birthday to your Mom, Judy. What a lovely post to honor a woman who has deeply touched you and many in your family.

    Someday I hope to meet your mom. She sounds like a wonderful woman.


  16. Beautiful pictures and memories. We should also include her story – “Stick stick stick, why do you hit the cat?”
    What would we do without our Sito!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Love you Love you!!!
    Nina xoxoxo

  17. She really is amazing and we are lucky to have her with us in our lives. Her story is inspiring and I love her to pieces. What awesome memories we all share with her! ❤

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