Fabric Cuff


Hey Blogsters…

Well, as promised, I’m showing you my fabric cuff I made out of scrap material and fibers… you know bit and pieces of colorful things.  I can’t take the credit for the idea.  I got it from the ThreadBangers YouTube videos here. I said, “hey, I can do that”.. so I did.

Here is what I used:

Super Solvy
desired fabric length piece as a base
metallic gold thread
any cool colors of fabric, yarns, fibers you have
lace (gives it that nice touch)
elastic cord
polymer clay hand made button

I took the base material and used that as my first layer; I wanted the layer on my wrist to be softer.  Then I just added all the scrap pieces of material and the fibers on top of the base layer.  Really, just like in the video.   You then sandwich the fabric (it will be chunky) in between the Solvy film… or like a taco.   Sandwich.. taco.. you get the idea.

Hold it all together and sew that baby flat.  I used metallic thread.. up and down, all around for about 15 minutes.. make sure everything is sewn flat.

Here’s the fun part… now let it run under warm water and use your fingers to massage the ooey gooey stuff out of it…  You can’t believe it’s a solid piece.. at least I couldn’t, but it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Now, let it completely dry.

Select and cut the cuff to the size to fit you and sew the button to one end and the elastic cord loop to the other and that’s it, my friends.  Here you go:

I received some really nice compliments on it and my niece gave me the idea to make just back and white.  So, I thinking black and white scraps with silver glittery fibers and silver metallic thread.

It was quite a fun project and using the Solvy is amazing.. Imagine the pieces you could make with it for fabric journal pages, purses and collage.. oh my.

Thanks for stopping by!

Next up:   fun textured collage on wood


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  1. Awesome! Great job, Judy. I love it. Now I have GOT to make one. It’ll give me a chance to break in that spiffy new sewing machine. 😉

  2. Love it!! Which wonderful niece gave you that idea about black and white 🙂 Love you and keep up the great crafting!!!

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