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Hey Blogsters..

Time for what’s been happening in the studio lately.

In a previous blog post, I mentioned I was taking an on-line class with Julie Prichard.  You can still join all her wonderful lessons.  Check it out here.

One of the books we made was called LTS (Long Tall Skinny).  I had a hard time with this book so for many reasons. I could write a whole blog post on my mistakes.   When I take a class, I usually stray from the original lesson and take a detour and make it my own.  With this journal, I used scrapbook paper with designs to use as a deep background as my first layer.  I also wanted to use what I already had and not purchase more paper.  These pages were much bigger than the instructions, but I wanted to see how this could come out.

I used Weldbond glue, to glue the folded edges together to make the binding.  The glue was very stiff when it dried and seeped through the paper.  When I tried to open the journal and turn the pages the next day and after being clamped together overnight, they were all glued together and I mean TOGETHER, as in FOREVER.  I had no choice, really, than to pry open the pages and the centers tore apart.  Note to self: don’t do that again.

I love Weldbond glue, as it  is extremely strong; it’s used by NASA, however it’s not a PVA glue nor flexible in working with paper.  It’s great for gluing objects in your mixed media work, however.  Maybe the scrapbook paper was too weak for the glue also.

Anyway, long story, short… my pages were a mess… I had worked so hard on it by cutting the book board, preparing all the ribbon hinges and ironing them all.. yes, you heard it.. I ironed.  When I tried to open the journal pages and they would hardly budge, my jaw dropped and I said “what the bleepety bleep am I going to do” (I really didn’t say those words, I just bleeped out the swear).

I salvaged the center of the pages with scrapbook paper strips, textured the front and back covers with molding paste, tissue paper, stencils, caulking, fabric and polymer clay.  I started filling the pages with mediums, textures, objects and paints.

In the end, I’m happy to say, I love my misfit journal that I brought back to life.  I felt like I was in “Grey’s Anatomy”… “CLEAR!”

Here are some pictures of the book and some of the inside pages that I haven’t finished playing with.  It measures about 12 1/2″ tall x 6 1/2 ” wide.

front cover:

front cover, details

back cover:

back cover, details:

Some inside pages:

I enjoyed this learning process.  Making mistakes really challenged me and I embraced it.

Thank you, Julie, for a fun workshop and sharing all your ideas.  You are a great teacher.  I hope you like the journal.   You made it look so easy to make, but I guess I took the long way around to get the job done.

I’ll leave you with this eye candy for now… I do hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment.

Next up:   mixed media collage on wood and very cool funky fabric cuff.


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  1. CLEAR!

    Judy- I am happy you have resurrected the looks great! Never considered glue made for NASA in any of my projects..but I can think of a few off the top of my head right away.


  2. Judy, as always, I am so inspired by your beautiful mixed media artwork. I admire your perseverance in sticking to the project when things didn’t go well. The end product is amazing! The “doily” texture on the covers keeps drawing my eye in, I love the purple and gold together with that pattern. Wow!

  3. Thank you, Julie and Karen. Weldbond it quite strong for objects not delicate things. Thanks, Julie for helping start my journal journey. Karen, you know I’m a texture junkie..
    so thanks for the kudos.

  4. Oh Judy, a girl after my own heart. I so freaking love your journal you made here. I must check into taking her workshop. I’m completely in love with Art Journaling. WHOOHOOOO…so glad we met through Create and Pass the Journal…sure hope we get to play in it! LOL
    Have a beautiful week and speak to you soon. Your journals are freaking AWESOME!

  5. Mish, thanks so much. Your words are so excitable. I love your art also. I can’t wait to get the journal to pass on. Fingers X’d that we get it soon.

  6. I enjoyed your account of making the LTS book in Julie’s class. I am taking it now and just opened my book this morning. Like you– some pages stuck together! I guess I now believe her that I should have let the inner hinge thingies dry completely! Next time. Love your book and your blog about it.

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