Carve This!


Hey Blogsters:

I’m back again, as promised, to show you some fun eraser carvings I experimented with then using them for rubber stamps.

I started out with a “magic rub” eraser, linoleum cutters (handles made with polymer clay) and some micro carving tools.


Hold your cutters with a steady hand and begin to slowly cut designs in your eraser.  To make circles or spirals, turn the eraser in your opposite hand, not your cutter.  You can see some of the simple designs I made.

Safety note:  Keep your hands away from the front of the cutter as you move it; you don’t want to hit your fingers if you slip.

Once you make your designs, stamp it into an ink pad and start making art.  I did use a purple ink pad, but I am showing the black pad.


You could also draw a design with pen/marker and cut around it or into the lines, depending you whether you want a positive or negative image.  You can carve tiny weenie images on the tip of an pencil eraser too.  How cut would that be in a journal?

I know this is very basic, but I hope you get the idea.   I found a couple of good videos for you to see what I’m speaking of.  Someday, I will do the video thing too.. oh someday.

You can get a good tutorial watching Milliande’s YouTube series on carving print blocks here.   Darlene Wilkinson has a really fun video here.

Ok, that’s it for now.. thanks for stopping by.


Next up: Playing with Golden products…


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  1. Wow Judy thanks for the great plug. I have been checking out your blog and all the fab creations.I have bookmarked it so i can drop by from time to time.
    Thanks for checking out my blog and your comment.

  2. Great tute, Judy! You’ve motivated me to make more eraser stamps. I never thought to use the sides ! You ROCK!

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