Look Who Made a Journal…


… and that would be me.

Hello Blogsters:

Yes, I’m a bit behind… having the same trouble as my friend, Amy, (read her blog post) with sciatic pain.  Not fun, believe me.  Amy and Karen both had to watch me hobble around like an invalid.. Thanks, my friends for your help on our art day, which I wasn’t going to miss.. no way, now how…. on to art talk….

I’ve always have been intimated by making an Art Journal; especially the sewing of the binding.. Give me the heebie jeebies.  But, I’ve been intrigued by them.  I’ve seen plenty of YouTubes and other blog tutorials, but never was I gutsy enough to try it….  And then there is the piece of writing in it too… WHAT? .. what am I going to write about?  It’s enough to make the book and make the backgrounds, but now I have to write in them too? <insert running away and screaming sounds here>.

Wait.. who says I have to write in them?  No one and therefore, I don’t. (well, for now anyway.. one step at a time)

So with that, I asked an art friend of mine and amazing book maker and taker of many book classes, Raine, to show me how to make a basic book….. from scratch.  She did.  I wish I had taken pictures of each step, so I’m sorry I didn’t, but it was my first time, so for the next one, I will.

Here is the finished book and then I’ll show you some of the backgrounds I started to create.


We started with heavy cardboard for the front and back covers and a manila folder strip for the spine.  I used Weldbond glue to adhere the upholstery fabric to my front and back covers; a cotton fabric was used for the spine, gluing the manila folder strip to it.   She showed me how to do a Pamphlet Stitch using waxed linen thread.  I sewed 4 signatures in it.  How cool is that?  I put beads on the left over threads hanging down from the spine.  The button on the front cover is one I made from poly clay.  The size of the book is approximately 8″x8″.

Here are some pages I’ve background and for those who know me.. I LOVE textures, embellishments, found objects and playing with layers:






Some of the techniques/textures I used in this book so far, and I say ‘so far”, as I have not finished this by a long shot.  Materials: gesso, acrylic paints, color mists,  polymer clay, tissue paper, cheese cloth dyed with ink sprays, rubber stamps, wax crayons, decorated duct tape (yes, it comes that way, I’m not kidding; on the last page shown), resin music paper, ink jet transfer.

I can’t tell you how satisifying and accomplishing this project was and I have to thank Raine for helping me.  I appreciate it more than you know.

Here is a small vinyl book that used to be a calendar note book that I altered, but have not sewn any pages in yet.  Now that I know how to sew a signature, I can attempt this myself.


This was covered with crackle paste, then I used a Walnut Ink to stain it.  The bird, was an ink jet transparency that I put directly on the cover over old book page and gel medium over it.  Sanded around it and put beads on the ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by.


Next up…”Do You Doodle?????”


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  1. Hi Judy,

    Your Art Journal just blew me away with its beautiful colors, textures and creativity! I felt privileged that I got to actually hold it in my hands and run my fingers across its gorgeous pages. It’s hard to believe that this is a process that intimidates you as you seem such a natural at it. I would LOVE to create one of these books someday. Maybe you can show me? (hint, hint) Lovely, my dear.

  2. Wow, Judy, your Art Journal is fabulous ! Thanks for sharing each gorgeous page…Very inspiring. A couple of years ago I made an art journal for a friend as a birthday gift. I used a blank journal and embellished the cover. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a different creative experience for me. Now that I see yours i’d like to make another one for myself !

  3. Thanks, Karen and Dora.. I love touching each page.. I need to make it more chunky and juicy now… Karen, let’s make one….. Dora.. yes make it and show us.. and put your cane slices all over it…. Oh, what about a border of your canes (mosaic like) on the front cover….. Wowee!!!!

  4. Hey there, Judy!
    Your journal is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the nod. You know the drill…see one…make one…teach one! I need to feel those pages again. They look amazing.
    You’re a wonderful artist. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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