Goddess Canvas


Hi everyone…  Well, I was determined to begin to work on some unfinished canvases that I created some time ago.  I was successful with this one.  It includes, tissue paper for the sun rays, fabric for the sun center, fibers, music paper, stamps, Tim Holtz’s Grungeboard for the wings and Artchix Studios vintage stamps.  The background was done with acrylic paints and spattered water.   To add some fun to it, I drew a Goddess of Willendorf  (aka Venus of Willendorf), cut her out and sat her above the canvas about a 1/4″  by using 3D sticky square thingies (yes, that’s my term).  She’s a funny looking soul, isn’t she:… but she’s comforting to me.  Maybe because we have similar soft bodies.  What’s on her mind?

When I can finally get up in the studio, it’s fun to just get lost up there and create.. it’s just getting making the time to be creative.  I think we all can relate.


Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Hi Judy,
    I love your newest canvas creation, especially your Willendorf Goddess. I find her comforting, too. Maybe her message to us is to be comfortable with ourselves and our bodies, no matter what shape or size we are. She has wings to soar high and is warmed by the beautiful sun overhead. What a fabulous inspiration she is!
    Congratulations on your success in completing your artwork!

  2. This piece is even better in person! Thanks for bringing it over for me to see.

    Love the strike-out! It really IS about MAKING time for whatever is important to us.

    Keep on turning out your wonderful art!

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