Playing on Vinyl


OK.. no more lower case text for me.  It certainly does take more thought and energy to type that way.   I guess my education and 30 years of administrative skills is in my blood and I cannot change.  What is that saying?… “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”.   Well, never mind. You know where I’m going with that.

Moving on……….

I needed to cheer myself a little this week.  I had a old and huge vinyl banner from one of our marketing events at work and I cut it up into several 8.5 x 11 inch sheets.   I played around with some “Color Mists” I purchased long ago from Outside the Margins.   Then stamped some text and shapes in white a black ink.  I used some gold candy wrapper papers and made hearts after I put some alcohol inks on them.  One of the candy wrapper hearts didn’t look good after I glued it down, so I pulled it off and it took the ink with it.  It left this strange shape showing the vinyl white background. It reminded me of a bird’s little belly.. so I went with it and made this sweet little bird in green.  I love accidents like that.  Can you see where the shape of the heart was from looking at the bird?  Perhaps I should paint/draw a cutesy girly girl next to the bird… I think it needs to be singing to someone…  or add a big tree with funky branches?     It needs something to make it more interesting or to tell a story.  Do you have any ideas?   Stay tuned for the FINAL VINYL in a future blog.

I think I can have a lot of fun with this vinyl.. cutting it up into shapes, …..maybe even sewing it with fabric and fibers.. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

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  1. Cool art! I love how you took a bunch of random “stuff” and turned it into something pretty and interesting.

    I like it just the way it is. The bird is singing because it’s happy. It doesn’t need someone to sing to. It’s singing for the pure joy of singing!

    I’m glad you decided to use Upper Case. I find all lower case to be sort of distracting. Years of being an office jockey! 😉 It just looks better to me.

  2. I just love your new art piece, Judy. It’s so beautiful in a misty, dreamy, ethereal way. Can your little bird be singing about our fervent dreams of spring? I hope so. Amazing how you took the most mundane of things and turned it into a gorgeous piece of art. You constantly inspire me!

  3. Wonderful piece, Judy ! It’s especially gratifying when you can recycle materials to make beautiful art. And of course, all artists can relate to the ‘happy accident’….Some of my best work was the result of a screw-up, LOL !

  4. That is really cool. I know you were working out of your comfort zone by making something that had no restrictions and was kind of “messy,” but that is what makes it so cool. As a wise man once said, “I like it, but I don’t know why.”

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