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Mixed Media Love Letter


What’s THIS?  FEBRUARY?  I”d like to know where January went, please.  Seriously.

I’m not going to complain that we have had a very mild winter here in Mass.  If  the temps stay in the 40′s, I can still go for my walks.  I can handle low 40′s but anything under that..fuhgeddaboudit.

My latest piece is what I’ve been working on since my large canvas was complete.  After working on something that big that took so long, I sort of crashed from all the creative energy.

Well, I’ve done many of these “love letters” in the past.. you can see a previous post HERE.

This particular letter was for my niece, Caitlin.  A gift for purchasing her first condo.  So excited for her.

Here are some pictures and close up of the “C” and then I created a short video about it.


Well, there you have it. I hope you are enjoying the videos.  I’ll be doing more once I get in the groove of the editing.

In the meantime, create something and enjoy every minute of it.