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Summer Time Grilled Veggies


As summer kicks-off, I thought I would do a re-post for all you grillers out there.  Enjoy!!!

I LOVE my grill pan.  I picked it up a  Bed, Bath & Beyond – see it here.  If you love veggies and love to grill, you can’t go wrong with this.

You can see what I cut up and put in the pan…. onions, mushrooms, red pepper,  green beans, zucchini and some summer squash.  I spray the grill pan with canola or olive oil spray.  In a separate bowl, I put in all the chopped veggies (all about the same size pieces).  In a small bowl or cup, I eyeballed and added about 4 T. olive oil, 1 T. balsamic vinegar and some spices (whatever you want).  Stir it up and pour over the veggies and give them a toss.  In the meantime, heat up your grill pan on the grill, get it hot with the cover of the grill closed.  When you are ready to start cooking them, just put them in the hot grill pan and listen to the sizzle… ahh.. music to my ears.  Keep the grill cover closed and give them a push around the pan every few minutes.  Once done the way you like, grab some oven mitts and pull them off the grill.  I’m telling you, you will never eat boring veggies again.

Now.. ideas for these veggies… besides a side dish, of course.

  • Put them over pasta with grated Parmesan cheese
  • Put them in a salad
  • Veggie wrap
  • Use as a pizza topping
  • Pulse in a food processor and use as a spread or dip
  • Toss with cooked chicken or shrimp and pasta
  • Make a veggies quessadilla with cheese


As always, thanks for stopping by.