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Hurry up, patience..


Ok.. so picture this.. this is me…

I hunker down at my computer to catch up on some art videos on YouTube..  I begin to watch a tutorial on an art technique and the artists speeds up the process.. really fast.  I have about 10 minutes to go to the end, so now I’m getting a little impatient and I slide the bar faster so the video is done.. like.. right now.  Ok, got it.. that was cool, moving on.

What’s wrong with that picture… Have I no patience anymore.  Is being a mom, working full-time, chef, wife and artist making me more impatient? It think the answer is a bit fat YES.

The other day I tried doing Yoga from a DVD..  my first time ever doing Yoga… I was bored…but, I get why people love it.

When I go for my power walks, I have music that makes me move like nobody’s business… I just can’t go for a walk without music.  I have a purpose… go go go… get your workout over with and move on.  There, that’s done, thank god.

So with all my impatience and a busy life, like a lot of us lead, I thought I would share an excerpt my one of my favorite go to books, The Language of Letting Go, by Melody Beattie.

“The people who are most successful at living and loving are those who can learn to wait successfully.  Not many people enjoy waiting or learning patience.  Yet, waiting can be a powerful tool that will help us accomplish much good. 

We cannot always have what we want when we want it.  For different reasons, what we want to do, have, be, or accomplish is not available to us now.  But there are things we could not do or have today, no matter what, that we can have in the future.  Today, we would make ourselves crazy tyring to accomplish what will come naturally and with ease later.  We can trust that all is on schedule.  Waiting time is not wasted time.  Something is being worked out – in us, in someone else, in the Universe.  We don’t have to put our life on hold while we wait.  We can direct our attention elsewhere; we can practice acceptance and gratitude in the interim; we can trust that we do have a life to live while we are waiting – then we go about living it.

Deal with your frustration and impatience, but learn how to wait.  The old saying, “you can’t always get what you want” isn’t entirely true.  Often in life, we can get what we want – especially the desires of our heart – if we can learn to wait.”

Ahhhh… feel better?   Take care of yourself.  Pay attention to what you need and nourish yourself with it.  One step at a time.. breathe in and out.   Ya, right, who am kidding.. speaking of steps.. gotta hit the pavement.

No, seriously… I meant that… the part about taking care of yourself.

Thanks for walking by… really fast.