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Snow, Fabric Dying and Journals


Well, here it is April Fool’s Day and that’s what we got here in Massachusetts.. a big ole fat April Fool’s prank by Mother Nature…  I’ll leave you with this… and we’ll move on to art.

Last week, I showed you some fabric dying with beet juice.  This weekend, I was making some pancakes with blueberries.. wait.. blueberries?  I have to give it a try.   All I did was take hot water and threw some blueberries in a container and let them soak for hours.  Then drop in the fabric and let them also sit for hours.

Here are my results on some fabric and lace…  not bad.

One of my readers asked me if they were colorfast.  I didn’t know the answer, but I did find HERE that if you boil the fabric in water and vinegar before the dying process, it will keep them colorfast.

Ok.. so once again, I refer you to one of my recent posts on my large journal covers, I started to create.  I’m happy to say that I have completed the book and it’s ready for art making.

I used my awl to make four holes for metal binder rings, spray painted the rings white, then smooshed them with some teal paint. I used a lot of the Portfolio Watersoluble Oil Pastel crayons… creamy, smoothy goodness.  I did all my shadowing with them.  Also, included on these pages are polymer clay, ink jet transfers, stencils, metal embellishments, rubber stamping and lots of layers on the bottom using paint, gesso, pastes.   I stained the edges of the inner pages with walnut ink….. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Because I used poster board, one side of each page is a bit glossy.  I think I will need to gesso each page to give it some tooth.  A note about spray paining… I hated it.. the fumes, the smell.. never again.  I even did it outside.  I’ll have to find an alternative.. maybe THIS or THIS.  If they work for fabric, they should work on paper/canvas; unless it needs that absorbancy.   Hmmm.. fabric?  What.. no more beet and blueberry juice?

Here are many pictures of the front, back and closeups.. enjoy.. click to make them bigga…

FRONT COVER – this journal is about 12″ x 16″




As the Beatles sang.. “All You Need is Love”. ♥  ♥ ♥

There is so much happening on these pages.  I will protect them with PYMII.  Love this stuff.. check it out.

Well, that was fun.. I had some time off from work this week and it was just so nice to not have to worry about anything but me and my art for those hours when the house was quiet.  No running into the home office to check on things.. ahhh.     I’m ready for retirement.  I can dream.

Thanks for stopping by and let’s hope this Fool’s storm is just passing by and will melt real quick


Beet Juice, Fabric Transfers & Sketching


Remember my post about my roasted veggie salad?  Well, I roasted some beets again… just lovely…. but with the pieces I trimmed off, I boiled in water and made beet juice to dye some fabric pieces in.. check it out…..

Here are some pieces of cotton fabric and lace.. before the dying.

I boiled the beets in water and let it cool.. then stored in a squeeze bottle.  And let me tell you.. this juice has some serious staining going on.  When I was peeling them, my hands were so red.. then I read that in the original Red Velvet cakes, beet juice is where they get the red from.  Who knew?

Even after storing my juice in a container, I put cold water on top of the still remaining pieces and it’s still as red as ever… AND you know what else is pink if you eat a lot of beets?  Well.. never mind.

I put the fabric/lace into an aluminum pie pan and squirted and brush/dabbed on the beet juice.  Using rubber gloves, I squeezed the remaining liquid and let them dry.

These pieces are so pretty… Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but maybe some transfers and some sewing to put on a mixed media piece or on a journal page…

AND….. speaking of transfers, I was playing around with some fabric transfers.

I printed out two pictures of my funky faces I drew and a copyright free photo of a fairy.

These are small pieces of muslin..about 4″x3″.  I printed (ink jet, rough side) on a sheet of transparency film and used Golden Soft Gel Medium to transfer onto the muslin.  I think I’ve mentioned before that the transparency transfer method is my favorite and always works for me.  You can see the colors of these transfers.. almost exact from my printed picture.  They are so vibrant alone.

Click to enlarge pictures.

Once I let them dry, I did a small touch up with some acrylic paints.  On my faces, I painted the lips a bit more with red acrylic and used gold sticky spiral and added gold glitter to some areas.  With the fairy, used the gold spiral and gold glitter to make stars.  Maybe some sewing with gold thread all around the fabric edges?  What do you think?

THEN….Just for fun.. During the American Idol commercials (there so damn many of them), I’ve been sketching some faces without too much thinking.. just going for it…. Here’s a bunch crowded together.  Funny to look at each one.. do they remind you of anyone?

That’s my studio play for now.  Hope you enjoyed the peek.

I’ll be doing an update on my LARGE JOURNAL I’m making.. using the Bold Background pages I made from poster board. They are coming out yummy.  So.. stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by.