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Birds of a Feather…….


I was never one to care much about nature as a young adult or even up to about 10 years ago.  I never really stopped to watch any outdoor life.  That is…. until I started to do art.   I think I just became more aware of colors, shapes, textures and yes, nature (but, please NO SNAKES).

One year, I was sitting with an old friend in her back yard as Robins flew down to pick in the grass.  She said to me “watch how they turn their heads to listen to the worms moving under the ground”.  I said “whatchyoutalkinbout”;  I thought she was pulling my leg, but damn if she wasn’t right.  I did watch and I was amazed.  Since then, I’ve always watched out feathered friends live their little lives –   flying, flitting, hopping and bopping around the yard.  Since that time, with my friend, Annie,  I put a hummingbird  and wild bird feeder outside our windows, and man, I’m so glad I did;  they are hours of entertainment.  Since the hummers have left the cold here, I still get to enjoy all the wild birds..  AND.. can they eat.. I can’t keep up with the food.  They love snow storms, rain, wind.. they never disappoint.  I can’t name all the birds, which makes me want to get a bird book to identify each one.

Sooooooooo.. where am I going with this? ……… sit tight…..

I dedicate this blog post to my beautiful friend, Annie… the “Bird Whisperer”.  Love you Annie.


I recently got a new Canon camera for my birthday in September.  I’m still learning the features, but I’ve enjoyed taking pictures of the birds that come to visit me.. Ok, well they are not coming to see me, but they know someone if feeding them.  So what if I pretend I’m Snow White; I’d like to get them to make my coffee.  Ok, imagine this is me… but forget the prince charming and cleaning the stairs and that voice.

Hey, I like feeding people, ask my friends… and now I like feeding birds.  The feeder is directly outside our front door to the right, in the flower garden (which is sadly bare and brown now).  I can watch from the front window where I sit and  read and have my cup of coffee in the mornings before my work day starts and every weekend.

I would love to share with you here, my latest successful shots of my feathered friends.  As I said, new camera, I’m not a photographer with any experience except to point and shoot.

Enjoy…….. there a a lot of pictures…

Here comes the female Cardinal… munching away on some seeds.

Here comes the male… sorry for any blurring picture.. remember.. amateur here

Male Cardinal in the tree.. I find it amazing how the change their shape and puff up.  Sort of like the way we feel after a big meal.  I think a little Pepto might help him.

Oh look who came for a visit….. a Morning Dove…

… and here comes Woody the Woodpecker… we have two of them.. one smaller than the other..   Look how they grab the feeder.. such tiny feet.

.. and they puff up too.  So cool.

I believe this is a Red Bellied Woodpecker…

.. and now come the “jay walkers”… tough crowd, they are… These Bluejays have such a striking blue colors.  The are too big for the feeder.. although the try, but can’t stay on long.. they end up eating what is dropped on the ground.

“hey look, jasper, i think the crazy lady is taking our picture again”.

.. and finally.. I caught this little guy outside my office window..

It took me hours to get these photos.  They don’t stay in one place long enough; by the time I get focus and click they are gone.

My plan is to print some of these pictures and do image transfers in my art.

I’ll let you know how that goes with a show and tell.

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.