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Workshop Success!


Hey Blogereetas…

Well, my class was a success.  I guess I would measure success on that it was relaxing, my students/artists were so talented, social, humorous and down right fun.  Thanks, Kristen, Raine and Susan for making it easy for me.

The class was scheduled for 3 hours, but we could have gone 4.   The books just came to life with each step they completed.   We could have used about 30 more minutes, as 2 did not finish their books.  They promised to finish at home and send me pictures.  I’ll be expecting them, ladies.  Don’t make me come over there.  I’ll post them as soon as they do.

Here are some shots of the day and their work.

First, introducing our Hostess at the Scrapbook Cupboard, Bev.  Thank you so much for being wonderful and bringing me in to teach.

If you’re in the area, please stop by to visit and/or take one of their great classes.

Here’s my class, aren’t they cute?

Artist’s work in progress.  I wasn’t able to shoot more pictures than this, but this will give you the flavor of the class.

What fun!!!.. and Bev made us eat chocolate.

I’ll be back at Scrapbook Cupboard in September to teach my Buttons, Embellishments & More Workshop.

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Next up…. Dryer Sheet Collage Paper

Mixed Media Frame and Fun


Hey Blogsters:

Well, right about now, I am sick of the cold here in New England.  But, on a good note, the daylight is around a little longer now.   I shouldn’t rush it.  Time goes by too fast enough as it is.

I’ve finished my Mirror Frame that I did for a special family couple of their two children.  I hope they don’t read this post yet, as I haven’t given it to them.

The size is 10″ x 10″.   I put something in front of me while I took the picture so there would be no reflection in the mirror.

The frame is made from wood (purchased at craft store), covered with 2 layers of tissue paper applied with Golden Gel Medium.  Once dry, I painted it with Golden’s Fluid Acrylic Carbon Black.

The squares are made of chipboard, they are about 1 1/2″.   I used Claudine Hellmuth’s Sticky Back Canvas for printing my pictures on.  I gathered my pictures from my photo software and put them on MS Powerpoint, making sure they were the same size as the chipboard.  I always use MS Powerpoint for printing and arranging several pictures on one page and in one place.  Once I practiced printing on paper several times to get the right size of the squares, I felt confident to print on the SB Canvas.

Cut the pictures from the canvas.  Before you stick them to the chipboard, I used a black paint pen to paint edges of each chipboard square.  Burnish the picture to each chipboard.   If the canvas spilled over a little on the chipboard, I just used a craft blade and self-healing mat to trim to size.   Sandpaper around the edges to sand down the tiny “burrs” of the canvas.   With a make up sponge wedge, I pounced the sponge on a StazOn black ink pad and just went around the edges of the picture to give it a shadow’y (is that word?) look.    Important:  At this point I laid out all the squares on newspaper in a well ventilated area and sprayed on a matte sealer;  I used Preseve Your Memories (PYM) spray.  Great stuff!

Before you glue down the pictures to the frame, I took silver acrylic paint and went around the edges of the frame and the mirror with a sponge.  Now, the squares are ready to be glued down to the frame.  Arrange the squares to your liking and glue down with strong glue; I used Weld-Bond.

In the top left hand corner of the mirror, I made a tiny polymer clay heart and after it was baked and sealed, I wrote the word “love” on it.  Glue to mirror with strong glue; I used Liquid Nails.

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial.  Give it a try.   Nothing beats a handmade gift -  made from the heART.

Here is another playful piece I did in my studio.

I was playing with some colors on my palette paper.  After I was done, I swirled and smooshed the colors around for a cool background.  If you think about it, palette paper is made for wet paints, so why not recycle the pages to put in your journals, etc.  It takes a lot of wet media abuse.

As you can see, I just doodled with white paint pen.  Then I took some scrap tissue paper and glued a 1/2 face size to the edge.  Painted that with Golden’s Titan Buff Fluid Acrylic paint; let dry.  Then just played and drew a face and painted it.  Nothing serious at all.

Let’s call her………..Fiona………. I put that doodle in her hair.  I think she’s looking at it saying… “she really just didn’t put that in my hair, did she?  That is so ugly.”    She hates it, I can tell..

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Swaps can be fun.  Here’s one I did for manilla tags.

On the tags I used: Clearsnap’s Colorbox Cat’s Eye Ink Pads, and smooshed those different colors around, rubber stamps, polymer clay button I either sewed on with thread or fun wire, embossing powder, ribbon and brads.

Swaps need a good coordinator and most importantly committed participants.. one person can ruin it all.  I’ve done a few, most are excellent, but a couple have fell through the cracks.  I’m still waiting for the results of one; it’s been almost a year.  People get busy and can see it through to the end.   Now, I choose wisely or not at all.. lately it’s been the latter.

Here is another I did for ATCs.  I made them out of polymer clay.  Now, that was fun.  The recipients were thrilled to get something so different.

Some, I stamped into the raw clay with rubber stamps then antiqued with brown paint or shoe polish, others were covered with decorated napkins once out of the oven.  The others were covered with a sheet of millefiori clay canes.  All of them have been embellished with clay buttons or beads.

I can’t help but use polymer clay thingamajigs on all my work.  they don’t seem complete without one, two or ok maybe three.

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Next up…. Mixed Media Mirror Frame.. Oooo la la